We know, love, and understand the premium-brand select service and extended stay markets and that's where we intend to stay! We aren’t aspiring to own the largest 5-star resort in town, which may do well during a boom market, but crashes during the ensuing downturn. Additionally, we don’t operate value brands, which by nature tend to compete for the lowest room rates and are the first to get squeezed when a new entrant offers a better value proposition. We focus on opportunities that are successful in up-markets and downturns.

Our business can be complex, as hospitality branding and product positioning has become sophisticated, and can change at a moment's notice. We know there are many parts to success that must work in unison; including a deep understanding of each brand, local market demand drivers, and the overall demand/supply dynamic.

As the first Independent Marriott franchisee of select service and extended stay hotels in Utah, we are confident in our ability to fit the right product with the right market. Our 20+ years of experience makes us an ideal partner, and we understand that each product is unique. We don't take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and that's reflected in our impressive track record of success.

Each product has distinct features such as capital costs, average-daily-rate price points, market positioning, and a set of competitive advantages and disadvantages. We are careful in our product selection and partnerships, as a hotel is a multiple-decade fixed investment. The right “fit” is paramount to our success.

Great premium-brand, select service and extended stay hotel management is just a click away! Click or submit your info to learn how to maximize your investment.


We are a market-driven company constantly seeking for opportunities based on market need.  Our seeking leads to better than average RevPAR and a more consistent cash flow for hotel owners. Focusing on our markets drives our constantly improving, dynamic culture.


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